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Optimise your Customer Journey to turn your paid traffic into customers, increase your Average Order Values, and retain your customers for longer.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business



Using data, customer feedback, and years of experience, we'll help you turn your website into a conversion machine. Why spend money driving traffic to your website if it doesn't convert?


We'll help you create a seamless customer journey from the moment someone arrives on your site.  By optimising touchpoints across your business you'll create an engaged, loyal, and valuable customer base.


You've acquired your users, but are you retaining them? We'll help you build out your CRM and marketing automation strategies to bring customers back to your site again and again.

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How We Can Help Your Business Grow



Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation isn't just about getting the purchase, it's about turning traffic into valuable, long term customers. Forget the discounts, and the cheap tricks, we'll work with you to turn your site into a conversion machine producing high value customers.


Customer journey optimisation

You can get traffic to your site, and convert them into paying customers, but this isn't where the journey ends. What else do they want to achieve on your site? What is the customer support experience like? Were they kept informed about delivery problems? All these touchpoints contribute to a Customer Journey which, if optimised, can help build you a valuable and loyal customer base.


crm & Marketing automation

Whether it's cart abandonment, order updates, or newsletters, we'll work with you to optimise your communications, making sure that they actually reach the intended customers, and are acted upon. It costs between 5-25x more to acquire a new customer, so why not optimise your communications and get more from your existing customers.


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We worked with Monkey Blocks for just under 2 years, and in that time, their expertise in Conversion and Retention strategies helped us generate thousands of new customers, while also significantly increasing our average booking value.

Henrik  MD, Ubeeqo UK

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