Actionable Optimisation #13 – Use Social Proof to Convince Your Visitors

 July 30, 2020

By  Will

How Can You Use Social Proof To Improve Your Conversion Rates?

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We all know about social proof right? Testimonials, logos, reviews.

But it still surprises me how many companies I see not making the most out of them.

Ecommerce sites that dont place reviews on their product pages (or category pages), or they neglect their trustpilot page and so it just fills with poor reviews.

Social proof these days is so important, there’s a reason there’s a mini black market for faking reviews on Amazon. They’re just worth so much money.

Now of course I’d never suggest doing anything unethical, but generating reviews for your business is actually super easy.

A massive 97% of consumers read reviews before purchasing, while 50% of consumers will leave a review if asked. These are huge numbers, and not only display the importance of reviews, but actually how easy it can be to generate them.

Simply send your customers an email a few days after they purchase to ask them what they thought. Just don’t do it so early they won’t have had a chance to check it out yet!

When you implement reviews on your website, make sure they’re clear and obvious, show off the number of stars and the number of reviews that give that score. Then let people filter for different ratings, and read the reviews that go with them. 

This is what people really want.

They want the transparency of the reviews. Not a lot breaks the trust someone has with a brand more than realising they were generating fake reviews.

So give a name, mark it as a verified purchase, try to get images from people if you can (social logins can let you do that). The more detailed the review profile, the more trust there is. There are even companies helping you generate video reviews now which are the ultimate proof!

Then of course, there are other little pieces of social proof, whether it’s 3rd party reviews, pieces of news, or little notifications saying ‘Tom just rated this product 5 star, read his review now’.

Make sure you’re considering your options, and as always, take a look over your site as if you were a potential customer. What proof would you want that something is quality? If it’s not there, find a way to implement it.

Social proof


Will is a Customer Journey Marketing consultant, specialising in CRO, CRM and Customer Experience. Will has over 7 years experience working across a range of consumer facing businesses and has worked for huge brands such as MyVoucherCodes, Europcar, JackpotJoy, Virgin Games and Virgin Bet.


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