​​​​CRM & Marketing Automation

Whether it's cart abandonment, order updates, or newsletters, we'll work with you to optimise your communications, making sure that they actually reach the intended customers, and are acted upon. It costs between 5-25x more to acquire a new customer, so why not optimise your communications and get more from your existing customers.

Phase 1 - Audit & Planning

We start off with a full audit of your existing CRM and Marketing Automation setup. During this, we'll identify areas for improvement such as missing campaigns, deliverability & inbox placement issues, customer segmentation and general campaign performance.

Using this analysis, we'll put together an action plan to be implemented over the following months to help you build an engaged, and retained, customer base.

Phase 2 - Testing & Optimising

In phase 2 we work on implementing the experiments identified in the Audit & Planning phase. 

We'll make sure you're setup with all the appropriate campaigns, including Welcome, Cart Abandonment, Order Confirmation, and guidelines for ad-hoc campaigns.

We'll work with you to put together an A/B testing strategy so that individual communications can be optimised.

Finally, we'll help you implement customer segments, so that the right messages are going to the right customers.

Phase 3 - Results & Development

We'll review performance with you on a monthly basis, to ensure that campaigns are performing as expected, and that test results are being implemented on and ongoing basis.

We'll constantly help develop your customer segmentation to build out different value segments, and help you personalise campaigns for maximum effect.