​​​​Customer Journey Optimisation

You can get traffic to your site, and convert them into paying customers, but this isn't where the journey ends. What else do they want to achieve on your site? What is the customer support experience like? Were they kept informed about delivery problems? All these touchpoints contribute to a Customer Journey which, if optimised, can help build you a valuable and loyal customer base.

Phase 1 - Audit & Planning

We start off with a full review of your website UX, behaviour flows through Google Analytics, heatmap tool, customer research and more to find out what your web traffic is looking for, and what your customers really want.

We then develop a new Customer Journey strategy to help give your customers the best possible experience they can with your business, whether it's finding the information they need, speaking to customer service, or your actual product.

Phase 2 - Testing & Optimising

We'll implement changes to your website to help improve your customer journey.

The end goal of the customer journey is to create a database of engaged, loyal, and valuable customers.

Here, we're looking to improve Lifetime Value.

The focus of this work isn't to generate a sale directly, we're working on building the relationship with your website visitors, and customers, to ensure your business is front of mind when the customer is looking for your product.

Phase 3 - Results & Development

We'll run regular feedback surveys and NPS scores with your customers to see how the business is viewed.

Then we'll create a feedback loop to ensure that relevant feedback is reaching all the right places of the business, so we can constantly improve your service offering, and help develop that engaged and loyal customer base.